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A Quality Product from
N.C.KANSIL & SONS [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
1. (a)HUMAN BODY - Torso with head with detachable internal structure of Head and neck, Organs of Thorax and abdomen cavities of the viscera can be emptied, for study of blood vessels. Dissectable in 12 parts made of Fibre Glass painted in natural colours. Life Size.

(b) Human Body - Torso Small size
2 (a).HUMAN SKELETON - Life size made of fibre glass. All the bones shoulder & hip joints clearly depictable.
(b). HUMAN SKELETON - Plastic size 70 cm with stand.
(c). HUMAN SKELETON - Plastic size 40 cm with stand
3. Dummy with Doll made of Fibre Glass
4. Female Pelvis with child
5. Female Pelvis with Reproductive Organs
6. RNA 76 x 38 cm
7. DNA 76 x 38 cm
8. Dissectable Models (Fibre Glass)
(a) Eye Ball
(b) Human Heart
(c) Human Ear
(d) Human Brain
(e) Human Kidney
9. Plastic Models (Wooden Base) size 76 x 38 cm
(a) Human Digestive System
(b) Human Blood Circulatory
(c) Human Nervous System
(d) Human Reproductive Male
(e) Human Reproductive Female
(f) Human Excretory System
10. Human Development models set of 12::

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N.C.KANSIL & SONS deals in :
Publishers & manufcaturers of educational maps & charts, Tourist maps, Globes, Display Systems, Video Courses & Cd's. Spl in : Cartographic Works of Maps & Atlases.

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